MSMAware Computation

Step 1: Start MSMAware. Select the “Culvert” tab.


Step 2: Click ‘Geometry’ tab.


Step 3: – Enter the value for embankment level and free board.


Step 4: – Enter the Invert level value for inlet and outlet.


Step 5: – Select ‘Culvert’ tab.


Step 6: – Choose the shape and name of the culvert to design


Step 7: – Insert the culvert size, length and the number of culvert to be used in site.


Step 8: – Select ‘Coefficient’ tab.


Step 9: – Choose the type for inlet control constant. For references, click the ‘inlet control constant’ button to get the list of ‘K’ value.


Step 10: – The value of Ke will be calculated automatically base on the type of culvert used. But, the value can still be change manually if the value of Ke and roughness is different from value given.


Step 11: – Select ‘Q’ tab.


Step 12: – Click ‘Add’ button to add a level for culvert.


Step 13: – Enter the culvert name and the value for ARI, discharge Q, HW inlet, TW outlet and ‘V’. The ‘A’ value will be calculated automatically.


Step 14: – Click “Run” button and click “ok”. The result for output data and velocity will be shown as bellow.


Step 15: Select ‘Check Culvert Capacity’ tab.


Step 16: -Click ‘add’ button to compute the type of flow regime.


Step 17: – Enter the name of the culvert and insert the value for HW inlet level.


Step 18: – Click “Check Culvert Capacity” button to calculate the Q value either the culvert is in submerge or unsubmerged. Then click ok.


Step 19: Click “Report Run Q’ button to get full report on culvert design.


Step 20: A report is generated as shown as below.


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