Outlet Control


Culverts flowing with outlet control can flow either with the culvert cell full, or with the cell part full for all of the culvert length.


The following figures show different types of culverts flowing under outlet control as shown in Figure 7.2 (Figure 27.7 (MSMA,2000) or Figure 18.3 (MSMA,2011):

Figure 7.2: Figure 27.7 (MSMA,2000) or Figure 18.3 (MSMA,2011)  Flow Profiles For Culvert Under Outlet Control.


Figure 7.3: Figure 27.8 (MSMA,2000) or Figure 18.4 (MSMA,2011) Hydraulics of Culvert Flowing Full Under Outlet Control of HO For High Tailwater.


Figure 7.4: Figure 27.9 (MSMA,2000) or Figure 18.5 (MSMA,2011) Determination of HO For High Tailwater.


Figure 7.5: Figure 27.10 (MSMA,2000) or Figure 18.6 (MSMA,2011) Determination of HO For Tailwater Below Top Of Opening


  1. Both inlet and outlet submerged
  2. Inlet submerged but not the outlet
  3. Inlet submerged and the cell part full over part of its length
  4. Inlet and outlet not submerged and flowing part full over its entire length.

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