MSMAware Computation

General data:


Location : Kota Bharu, Kelantan

: 220 mm

Area : 30 Hectare



Step 1: Start MSMAware. Select “General Setting” tab.


Step 2: Insert the information needed (Area and Catchment)


Step 3: Select “Storm” tab.


Step 4: Check only “MSMA1”.


Step 5: Select “Advanced Mode”.


Step 6: Select “East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia” for location.


Step 7: Move cursor to the map. Click the location (Kelantan) and notice a value of 220 appeared next to as shown.


Step 8: Click “add” button to add station.


Step 9: Select the Station “Kelantan_KotaBharu”.


Step 10: Click “Selected for DP” box to use the data in the DETENTION BASIN module.


Step 11: Click “run” button to get the IDF graph. Notice the IDF appeared.


Step 12: Click “Report” button to generate design storm report.


Step 13: A report will be generated as shown.



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