MSMAware Computation


Step 1 : Perform “Storm” tutorial procedure using given sample data.


Step 2: Result of the storm will be shown

Step 3 : Perform “Rational Method” tutorial procedure using given sample data

Step 4: Result of “Rational Method” will be shown

Step 5 : Click “Detention Basin”

Step 6 : Click and change version MSMA into MSMA2011

Step 7 : Click and change inflow type into “RM”

Step 8 : Insert all relevant data in “Pond Setting” group

Step 9 : Choose “Contour” type as “USER”

Step 10 : Insert all relavant data in “Pond Times” group

Step 11 : Insert all relevant data in “Outflow structure” group

Step 12 : Select relevant site condition for Pre and Post

Step 13 : Click “Pre Post Setup”

Step 14 : Click button “Build” and carry data from previous chapter will be appear

Step 15 : Select IDF design choose for Detention Basin for Pre and Post

Step 16 : Select “Outlet Structures” and click button “+” to add orifice as outlet

Step 17 : Fill the the relevant data base on sample data for orifice

Step 18 : Select “SOF” group

Step 19 : Insert data for surface area for each elevation

Step 20 : Select “Data” group and click button “Run”

Step 21 : Result of detention basin will be appear

Note :

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