MSMAware Software Computation


This column, explain details on steps by steps of OSD computation using MSMAware software.



1. Start MSMAware .


2. Select ‘On Site Detention’ tab.



3. Select ‘MSMA1‘ tab.



4. Select ‘General’ tab.

5. Insert the value for ‘tc’ and ‘tcs’. Make sure the change time values in minutes unit.

6. Insert the value for time ‘start’ , ‘end’ and ‘step’.

7. Choose the suitable ARI required to design the OSD storage

8. Insert the area for ‘impervious and pervious data for ‘pre’ and ‘post’ development.

9. Select the earth cover categories for ‘pervious’ and ‘impervious’ area. If the ‘C’ value is fix, choose true. It not, choose false.

10. Select the suitable type for OSD design.

11. Select ‘town’ and ‘location’ for your site project. Then insert the value for 2P24h.

12. Select ‘outlet’ tab




13. Insert the orifice parameter for ‘cd’ and ‘ho’ value in primary outlet.




14. Insert the value of ‘head over weir’, ‘free board’ and ‘Cbcw’ for secondary outlet -weir.





15. Click ‘Run’ button.



16. The result will be shown in ‘calculation’ tab. The orifice size and weir will be automatically calculated for you.



17. Click ‘MSMA1‘ to get full MSMA1, OSD for MSMAware report.




 Editor:- Dilah – 17 Feb 14



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