MSMAware Computation

General Information


Location = Kuala Lumpur

Area = 547 m²

Impervious = 43.14 % from total area

Pervious = 56.86 % from total area

Terrain = Lowlying

Region = Region 1


Step 1: Start MSMAware. Select ‘One Site Detention’ tab.


Step 2:- Select MSMA2


Step 3:- Enter the value for project area and the percentage of impervious area.


Step 4: – Choose the project region, town and the type of the project topography.


Step 5: – Click the “Run” button to get the result


Step 6: – The value for PSD and SSR will automatically calculated in the result column.


Step 7:- Enter the value for tank size and tank volume manually. This is for the report purpose. Then click “MSMA2” to get the report.


Step 8: – The report will be shown as bellow.



Editor :- Dilah – 18 Feb 14

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