MSMAware Software Computation – MSMA2


This column, explain details on steps by steps of OSD computation using MSMAware software.


Step 1:- Start your MSMAware software.


Step 2:- Select On Site Detention tab.


Step 3:- Select MSMA2 tab.

Step 4:- Insert your project area.
Step 5:- Insert the value in percentage unit for impervious area.
Step 6:- Insert the region.
Step 7:- Insert the site condition in “terrain”.
Step 8:- Insert the  location of your project in town tab. Figure below show the flow of step 4 to step 8.


Step 9:- Click ‘Run’ button. The required PSD,SSR, inflow & outflow size will automatically calculate for you.


Step 10:- Insert tank size & tank volume, so that the value will be shown in report.


Step 11:- Click ‘MSMA2‘ to get full MSMA2, OSD MSMAware report.


Editor: Dilah – 18 Feb 14


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