MSMAware Computation

This column, explain details on steps by steps of OSD computation using MSMAware software.


Step 1:- Start your MSMAware software.


Step 2:- Select On Site Detention tab.


Step 3:- Select ESM tab.


Step 4:- Select General tab.


Step 5:- Insert the value for ‘tc’ and ‘tcs’. Make sure the change time values in minutes unit.


Step 6:- Insert the value for time ‘start’ , ‘end’ and ‘step’.


Step 7:- Choose the suitable ARI required to design the OSD storage.


Step 8:- Insert the area for ‘impervious and pervious data for ‘pre’ and ‘post’ development.


Step 9:- Select the earth cover categories for ‘pervious’ and ‘impervious’ area. If the ‘C’ value is fix, choose true. It not, choose false.


Step 10:- Select the suitable type for OSD design.


Step 11:- Select ‘state’ and ‘station’ for your site project.


Step 12:- Select ‘outlet’ tab.


Step 13:- Insert the orifice parameter for ‘cd’ and ‘ho’ value in primary outlet.


Step 14:- Insert the value of ‘head over weir’, ‘free board’ and ‘Cbcw’ for secondary outlet -weir.


Step 15:- Click ‘Run’ button.


Step 16:- The result will be shown in ‘calculation’ tab. The orifice size and weir will be automatically calculated for you.


Step 17:- Click ‘ESM‘ to get full ESM, OSD MSMAware report.


Editor: Dilah – 6 Feb 14


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