Spreadsheet Computation

This column, explain details on steps by steps of OSD spreadsheet computation.


Step 1:- Open ESM (OSD) spreadsheet.


Step 2:- Change design ARIs value.

[Refer to table 1.1 in MSMA (2011).]


Step 3:- Change Coefficient value for lambda, kappa, theta and eta.

[Refer to table 2.B2 in MSMA (2011).]


Step 4:- Insert & value.

[Refer to table 14.3 for area smaller than 0.4 hectare. For area larger than 0.4 hectare, please used formula stated in chapter 14.]


Step 5:- Insert area and runoff value for impervious and pervious area.

[Refer to table 2.5  in MSMA (2011) for runoff coefficients value.]


Step 6:- The PSD & SSR value will be automatically calculated for you.

[Please choose type of OSD that you want to design and select the maximum value for SSR value.]


Editor:- Dilah – 11 Feb 14


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