MSMAware Computation


General data:

Location: Kota Bharu, Kelantan

ARI: 100 years

Tc: 40 minutes



Step 1:- Select “Temporal Pattern” tab.


Step 2:- Check only for “MSMA 2000”.


Step 3:- Select the region of your site project. (West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia)


Step 4: Click “Get IDF data from STORM” box to take the result from storm design. Make sure to compute the storm result before run temporal pattern. Follow steps shown in chapter 1 for design storm.


Step 5: Go to the “storm” tab. Click at “For TP/TAM” box for design ARI 100 years to use this data in temporal pattern calculation.


Step 6:- Go to the “Temporal Pattern” tab. Click “Run” button to get the result for new rainfall depth and the rainfall trend.



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