MSMAware Computation


General data:


Location                      = Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur

Design ARI                  = 100 Years

Area (hectar)               = 10

Tc (min)                      = 30



Step 1:- Start MSMAware. Select “General Setting”.


Step 2: Enter the value of area, catchment, tc and no of isochrones.


Step 3:- Select “Time area method” tab.


Step 4: – Select “Catchment weight losses” tab.


Step 5: – Enter the value of initial losses for impervious and pervious.


Step 6: – Enter the value for percentage of impervious and pervious. The value of continuous losses and initial losses will be calculated automatically.


Step 7: – Select “Interpolation of TA diagram” tab. 


Step 8: – Enter the value total area for each isochrones according to isochrones. Click “add” button, if there is more than 3 numbers of isochrones.


Step 9:- Select “TAM Input” tab and choose MSMA2.


Step 10: – To get the data for temporal pattern, refer steps as shown in temporal pattern tutorial.


Step 11:- Click tick for “get data from temporal pattern” and “get data from tc for time”.


Step 12: – Click “generate table” button to generate the list of table.


Step 13: – Select “tc” according to site project. Make sure that the number of isochrones and ‘Pt” value same as the project data.


Step 14:- Click “Run” button to get the data for time area method.


Step 15:- The result for time area method will be shown as bellow.



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